Jada Hendricks a Sophmore in highschool going through a lot but always worried about others and their health more than her own all her life all she's wanted to do was help others in need. She came up with the idea to make this into a charity but she definitely couldn't do this alone, she's glad she had Celeste there to give her the push to change one idea into an even better one! Now the two are putting their brain power together and are moving forward in making sure this organization does nothing but grow with help from friends, family, and anyone who donates!:)

Triple T's (Troops Treats & Toiletries) is a non-profitable organization founded by two teenage girls by the names of Jada Hendricks and Celeste Bair wanting to do something that would make a difference . Jada's idea was originally to give backpacks and school supplies to children less fortunate but eventually became something much bigger when Celeste came over during Thanksgiving break to decorate boxes to turn into care packages for the soldiers deployed in Iraq. This brought up her idea and eventually they both turned it into helping the troops. The girls then went on to get Jada's mom involved the three came up with the name and have since been in the works to get the organization spread across to everyone! Not only have they gotten many donations but they've already planned to help not only the troops but the homeless, and children Jada originally planned on helping! These teenagers are just like the rest living life with no regrets and learning as they go, the only difference is they've got hearts to big to hide and want to show the love they hold for wanting to help others in anyway they can. They can't wait to see where Triple T's will go and who they will help!


Jada Hendricks
Celeste Bair


Celeste Bair is a Junior in highschool who's always looking for new ways to give back to her community now she's giving back to the world. Not only is she like Jada's older sibling but she's also her business partner and she's ready to do whatever it takes to keep this organization up and running while also moving it forward! she can't wait to see the smiles on people's faces and recieve thank you letters from the one's she's effected!:)